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How can I shop?

Follow these steps to make on-line shopping
1-First you need to create an acount to be a member in our website.
You can use the link “New Member” to be a member.
2-After you find desired  products, enter the quantity needed and click the ‘Add to Basket’ button to add it to your shopping basket. With the help of shopping basket , you do not have the obligation to buy the products you selected right away.
3- In your shopping basket, you can review the price and other properties of the products,and also, you can deselect products from the list, or change the desired quantity. VAT (ValueAdded Tax)is not included in the purchase prices of the products.
4-Currently we support following payment options; payment by credit card ,payment by installment credit card, payment by bank transfer. After you choose your payment option, details about your payment selection will appear on the screen.After you enter the required information, click on the ‘Buy Now’ button.
5-If you pay with credit card; we use The Secure Socket Layer (SSL ) network mechanism. This technology filters transmitted information through codes to protect all of the transactions. The SSL, which is being implemented by most banks and credit institutions, ensures that the information being sent back and forth cannot be intercepted by a third party.As soon as you approved your order, your information will be sent to SSL. If your credit card information is valid,your order will be approved.
6-At the end of the payment process, the system will automatically give you an order number and will guide you to track your order status.This number should be recorded as it will be needed for the realization of your order&payment tracking process.
7-You can check your order status with the help of order tracking tool whenever you wish.

What are the delivery and billing informations?

Delivery information is the address where your order will be sent.All deliveries are delivered to related address or person. Delivery of goods at the cargo branch can not be demanded.
The most common reason for the delivery delays is deficient or wrong address information.Please enter your delivery address accurately and up to date.
Billing address information,  must be the address information required to issue invoice for your products. Once invoice issuing process is completed, billing address can’t be changed.Please be sure that your billing informations are correct before you approve your order.
We organize delivery only by  cargo companies we are working with or we deliver with our own delivery service asking identitiy card.Delivery by a different cargo company can not be demanded. Before taking the delivery of ordered package, it must be checked .Any damaged or defective package, must be rejected..Once the ordered package has been recieved,  the goods will be deemed to have been delivered correctly by the delivery person. The delivery of  goods is done by cargo service within 3-10 days.


Customer must pay attention to some special conditions,before taking delivery of goods.If the customer does not pay attention, the package will be considered as it has been delivered in good condition.


When you recieve the package, please check if it is damaged physically. In the unlikely event that there is any damage ,defect on the package ,please open and check it with the delivery man. If it is in bad condition, you may refuse the package.It must be reported to the delivery company to return the product.


Any damage to the package or package contents which is either obvious or hidden must be checked and reported to the delivery man.


Customers are responsible for the shipping charges

Do you have a product guarantee?

Guarantee Conditions
All products are under manufacturer’s and/or importer’s warranty.
Guarantee Card Products
Products which are guaranteed for a set of time period by guarantee cards, are under responsability of the repair and return services  demonstrated on the guarantee cards. If you have any problem please do not hesitate to apply for  the nearest return and repair service.
The exact time for processing your order is not the moment that you place your order.We start processing your order as soon as your bank transfer or EFT appears in our account.
If the payment for your order, appears in our account  before 15.00 ,your merchandise will be despatched the same working day, if it appears in our account after 15.00 your merchandise will be despatched the other day.
On the rare occasion an item is not available for immediate shipping, you will be notified with an estimated time of arrival for the item. Once contacted, you may allow the order to continue or make any adjustments, including cancellation, if desired.


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